The Authoress

Savannah Parker

My name is Savannah and I belong to the Triune God who has revealed himself in the Scriptures. Therefore, I seek to do all things for the glory of Christ Jesus, whether I’m writing, playing the piano or violin/fiddle, sewing, conversing, studying education, health, gardening, history, theology, philosophy, etc., or just doing the little daily things that need doing, be that cooking lunch or helping with the care of my grandparents…. I am self-consciously Reformed and Presbyterian, the eldest of three daughters, an Army brat, and a Southerner.

4 thoughts on “The Authoress”

  1. Savannah, what a delight to find one so young who wants to experience reformation. Truly the Lord has done, and is doing, a work in your heart and life. Your blog is a breath of fresh air; I look forward to reading more.
    How can I hear your music? Why don’t you record these, share them to ITune and put them on your blog. I have done this for hymns and Psalms from the Trinity Psalter, and plan to do more. The Psalms and hymns are practically lost to this generation. I want to preserve them for my grandchildren who are being brought up in a contemporary church.
    The Lord bless you and your family. ~ Fran

    • Hello Miss Fran,

      Thank you very much.

      Though we have often spoken of putting together a CD, we just have simply never gotten ourselves organized enough for a long enough period of time to practice up a range of selections and then record them…. But we shall consider your idea with individual selections…we are sometimes stuck in the last century when it comes to utilizing the technological advantages that are at our fingertips….

      Thanks again for the suggestion!


  2. EvangelZ said:

    Hi sister, thank you for visiting Domain for Truth. I am encouraged to see young sisters like you who are passionate about God. Grace. Romans 1:16.

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