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Sparks of Reformation

Why is it called “Sparks of Reformation”? What does that mean?

Even though it takes only one spark to ignite tinder, it requires the heat of many sparks to keep that tinder lit and to bring about a flame. Repentant revivals and spiritual renewals–in other words, reformations among the people of God–are truly like fires–they always begin with sparks. When the sparks are flying thick enough in dry, brittle conditions, fire will break out. This Reformation I speak of is not Revolution; it is the working of the Spirit of God in the hearts of His people, not a rebellious spirited upheaval of society. Nevertheless, true Reformation, as that which occurred in Europe in the sixteenth century, necessarily results in societal changes as people’s hearts and minds are turned towards obedience to Christ. Reformation, as I speak of it, is a returning to Biblical doctrine and the obedience in all of life that entails from an actual believing of it as the authoritative revelation of the Triune God.

The fires of real Reformation are what are most needed in our day and age to restore the Western church to usefulness in the kingdom of God. By many accounts, conditions are ready. I hope to be one of the small sparks that will be part of kindling a new Great Reformation for the glory of the sovereign God who saves us by being part of the strengthening of His church here on the earth, if He has so planned for things to occur. Sparks are vibrant and short-lived, which is why it requires the heat of many of them to kindle a blaze. It is likewise in the church–it requires many faithful believers to stand steadfastly on the truth of the Scriptures in order for there to be a general turning of Christian beliefs and practices towards the keeping of the law of God. As I am but one among many, “Sparks of Reformation” is a fitting name for this place where I plan to set forth my wandering thoughts. (Also, please see this post….)

Because Scripture teaches us that all things in life are to be brought captive to Christ, this is not to be a topical blog–you will find recorded here my on-the-fly thoughts about food and music and plants and weather and fabric and journeys and art as well as comments on theology, philosophy, and Scripture. I hope you come often to see and enjoy my wanderings with me!

For the glory of God!


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