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The Gospel Covenant

I found this little poem somewhere recently, scratched out in my scrawling hand….

My God has declared a covenant.
This – this is the gospel!
Among the nations he shall be praised; 
For he is merciful.


Justice is satisfied, 
Holiness is met; 
Mercy has triumphed,
Love has won.


God has made a covenant eternal,
His own he has chosen;
Christ has taken up the station,
He – he alone – the Mediator.


Come! O, come and hear!
Hearing, heed his command!
The King is come!
Death is overrun and razed!


Salvation is eternal life; 
Life is to know the Father; 
To know him is to be born anew;
To be re-born is to belong to Christ.


Come and see the Christ!
You will see the covenant.
Let your heart be changed,
Lest you pass by the mercy of God. 


Pass by Christ and pass by life;
Ignore the Mediator and despise your Maker.
Pass by Christ and pass on to death,
Where there is only pain and sorrow forever.


Pass by Christ and feel God’s wrath;
He has no mercy for you.
Pass by Christ and joy you will never know;
For God’s covenant you call a lie.


Do you believe?
Where is your faith?
Are you dead?
Beg for life.


He will hear.
He has spoken.
His covenant stands.
His name shall be praised.