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Savannah in a Historical Costume--Again

My blog, Sparks of Reformation, has not turned out to be quite what I had envisioned when I began it a couple of years ago…. Not only did I soon change to WordPress, it shifted focus somewhat as I continued to mature and grow in my understanding of the Scriptures and as life shifted around me. Now, things are still shifting, as I am in the very beginning stages of treatment for the bacterial infection that is commonly known as Lyme disease, in my case accompanied by three co-infections.

Though the medical community in America does not, as a whole, recognize such a thing as “chronic Lyme”, most folks I come across either know someone who has it or know someone who knows someone who has it. It’s numbers are probably comparable to those of the spectrum of learning disorders–and there may possibly even be a link (other than a shared acronym: LD). Regardless of that, it is a dreadful disease, often debilitating, for those whose infections go unchecked–and even for those who are finally able to get a doctor to take them seriously. My story with Lyme et al–not that it is over–is incredibly mild compared to many others who suffer through intense, continual physical pain. I also have a wonderful family who loves me and puts up with the continual shifting of my cognitive abilities. My mother tells me that I was a brilliant child–now there are days, particularly when I have higher numbers of dying bugs in my system, when it is honestly difficult for me to comprehend what I am reading. Sometimes I can’t even open a water bottle–while other times my physical strength and agility is mainly still with me, though my endurance is not what it once was. One of the more difficult things for me is that my musical abilities have regressed. And something that might sound strange to hear–my face, as well as my hands, are often stiff. Odd, no? And there are quite a number of other things that are near constant, or come and go. Many other people have many other symptoms that I do not manifest–everything from rashes to tics.

One thing that I think people often do not understand about Lyme is that it is frequently accompanied by other infections, one of which (Bartonella) even turns off the immune system against Lyme. Since this is the case, my doctor posits that perhaps Borrelia (Lyme) is actually a co-infection with Bartonella. But that doesn’t make much difference in practice. What matters is that if only one or two of the infections are killed off, the person will not find complete healing, for the co-infections yet live, keeping the immune system in a weakened state. For example, I have four–two are bacteria, two are protozoa–and they are all killed best by different, targeted means. I still have a long way to go to be able to knowledgeably converse about these things in a specific manner….

Thus, the point of this post: I am most likely in the process shifting the focus of my blog more into more personal waters, where infectious spirochetes, treacherous biofilm, and the promises of the God of Scripture interact in my own life. It is often difficult for me to write, as I am not always exactly coherent in pulling words from my mind in order to express what I am trying to say. Additionally, I wish to speak only what is right and true–and my discernment of what is the right time and place to say something is also one of those things affected by the infections inflaming my body. Nevertheless, I continue to maintain that God is very good to me. And while I truly haven’t any idea how long it shall take, I do have hope that I shall someday stand, in this life, healed in body and whole of mind, if the Lord so blesses.