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“…it is not in man who walks to direct his steps.” ~Jeremiah 10:23b

“…yet you do not know what tomorrow may bring.” ~James 4:14a

We may lay out plans, gather our supplies, move towards our goals, but ultimately all things are moving towards the final ends that God has appointed. He brings all things out for his own glory and for the good of his people. Knowing this, have we any cause to complain when he changes the direction of our feet?

We are servants, solders, sons of the Most High. His eye is on us for good. Who are we to complain if he sees and averts us from the dangers ahead of us, of which we are blissfully ignorant? Of what if he brings us into dangers that we might learn to obey and love him? If we truly love him and trust his omnipotent wisdom, shall then complain?

Yes, perhaps there is strife and pangs of body and of soul (and there will be). But you are a creature in a fallen world. No one lives a painless life. Would you rather go through life cursing your Creator–or drawing peace from him? He may make you wait on him for a few days before he grants it to you–but grant it to you he will. When you have nothing else, he is there. When you have everything, he is there.

Despise him not. Trust him this day in whatever trial you are facing, be it small or large–for “it is not in man who walks to direct his steps.” This is your warfare–this is your calling. Trust God and obey him.