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While I was preparing lunch yesterday, I had something a little odd to work with–turkey gizzards. So, I began on one of my “let’s see how this tastes” culinary adventures…. I only decided to post on such a grizzly topic as turkey giblets because I got such wonderful and repeated reviews on this dish.

I had some turkey gizzards that had been cooked until they were soft and I was wondering what I could do to them to make them appetizing to anyone else. Now, I personally like gizzards–but my sister isn’t the fondest of them. With that in mind, I took a bite (or two) and mulled over what flavors would blend well…..hmmmmm….raisins…..the brown spices……certainly……

Okay! I got it!

I quickly diced up an onion real small and tossed it in some olive oil in an iron skillet. As this was cooking, I chopped up the already soft gizzards as small as I could without mixing my fingertips in with them. I repeated this with a handful of raisins. I then cooked the meat, fruit, and onion just enough to blend the flavors, then sprinkled salt and pepper on. I tasted, just to make sure, before proceeding…. Cinnamon, cloves, and allspice followed thereafter (with taste tests in between, of course!). Then, I decided it was finished.

I served it with bread and mayonnaise (though I elected to have heavy cream on mine), though it would also be very good chopped up finer in a food processor–or even made into a pate. When my sister found out what it was (after announcing her approval), she commented, “And I didn’t think I liked gizzards!”

For those of you who might prefer the short version of the recipe, here it is in order of preparation:

1 onion sauteed in olive oil
5-6 turkey gizzards, cooked until soft
1/4 cup raisins

This, then, is my small celebration of the many uses of turkey on this day set aside for giving thanks to the Creator of the Universe for all his many blessings on us. I hope you all enjoy it!