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I wrote this poem some time ago, but am just now getting it posted….

The Road

I walk because of your faithfulness.
Now the road is level.
When I peer ahead to see where it goes,
I see but a mirage.
May I walk in faithfulness to you.
You know where it leads;
The road has been devised for me.
It may turn sharply soon;
Perchance it may lead to a cliff.
The road may soon surmount a hill;
Or take me down the slippery scree.
I may escape a sudden fall,
To be brought very high.
Or, perhaps, from joy aloft,
The road may plunge down to grief.
Only you know, O Lord.
You know the meadows and passes,
The storms and the lulls,
The passions and the coldness,
The twists and the fogs,
The fears and the confidences,
The love and the trust,
The mercy and the justice,
That are on my road.
But I walk because of your faithfulness.
Summa et Soli Deo Gloria.