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My Papa and I

I am a young woman. Now, I don’t often write about that fact because I am more interested in being a woman than in talking about it. But I make an exception today because something related to that fact was impressed on me afresh this Lord’s Day.

Sitting there, seeing my three elders up front, I realized that I have a hedge of a higher caliber than most any other unmarried girl I know. This is a great blessing from my heavenly Father for which I am highly thankful.

As a young woman, I am under authority on a variety of levels. One of the great blessings of being a young woman under properly functioning authorities appointed by God is having a “hedge”. My wonderful “hedge” consists of my father, my two pastors, and my church’s ruling elder. What a fearsome foursome!

Fearsome, yes, but not in a threatening manner…fearsome as simply describing the caliber of men they are…fearsome as that that accompanies maturity. And that is why I count myself so very blessed. The authority structures instituted by God are beautiful!