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Somebody's Supper is Cooking Somewhere...


What a most wonderful implement! The queen of the kitchen! The most versatile instrument in the arsenal of a cook!

From chic ceramic cooktop to the most rustic fire ring in the sandhills of the South, the iron pot reigns. Who can imagine a kitchen unequipped with this marvelous creation?

Cast iron cookware is my favorite cooking surface for most things. Occasionally, I will prefer stainless steel or even glass, but never non-stick or aluminum…these last two taint the flavors–and non-stick surfaces stick worse than cast iron!!!

The cast iron pot is destructible, it is true. But it won’t melt in the oven. It thrives on the open fire. It rejoices on the stove top. It lends a steady heating property rivaled only by heavy quality stainless. It won’t bend or mar from use on high heat. Eventually, after too much cold and heat, I suppose a cast iron pan can crack asunder and be ruined–but I have yet to see one do so. But if it is to be done, I will probably do it someday…my sisters and I have this annoying habit of breaking pieces of old iron…everything from lard presses to fence stakes (my specialty)…so I suppose that someday I shall be the means of destroying a perfectly good iron pot….

But, until then, I will continue to enjoy that iron pot!