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When one lives near the southernmost extremities of the country, it is unavoidable, yet almost comical, in a way, how the local news media gets so excited about a night below freezing.

Certainly, it is of importance for the huge swath of central Florida (its all agricultural) to be aware of the weather conditions, lest they lose their crops and income. (Please remember, Florida is only beach and a solid wall of city around the edges (excepting the I-4 Corridor).) And it must be admitted, that as a part-time resident of a more northernly clime, to me it seems excessive to spend almost the entire five o’clock hour discussing a coming night in the twenties. (If you can’t tell, I happened to have heard the five o’clock news yesterday evening as I was making supper at my Granddaddy’s….)

Anyways, this short cold snap has come and will go very quickly. And the local meterologists will have to find something else to excite them in this mild winter season. Meantime, the orange groves are all abuzz with pumps running water on the trees to keep them from freezing, semi-tropical plants have burnt upper leaves, and all the little old locals are layering on jackets in the house, turning the heat up, and staying inside as much as possible.

The sky is clear, the moon is bright, the chill is here, and it is night–enjoy it while it lasts :-)