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Hurry up and wait…push, push, push, push–stop!–wait! It’s time to go! No it’s not! Weather and tires must be waited for…extra days to slow down a little…perhaps we won’t be so tired by the time we pull out this autumn…but I doubt it. It is all that last minute hustle and bustle that sets the tenor of the trip, anyways….


So often life is like that military cliche–hurry up and wait–but it is difficult to imagine what life would be like without any variation and if everything went just exactly as we planned. Life would get boring, wouldn’t it? (And I’m not one that is easily bored!) Unpredictableness is something that God sends into our lives every day–and very rarely are these unexpected things, whether large or small, anything close to miraculous–they are just normal things that happen to be outside our field of knowledge until the moment they cause us an inconvenience or a change of plan (or a relief!). These unforeseen happenings serve to demonstrate the finiteness of our comprehension of the entirety of things…we really just don’t understand everything that is going on, so we don’t really understand how and why everything that happens to us does. But God does. He knows exactly what is going on everywhere, so nothing is unpredictable to Him. The sovereignty of God is such a comforting doctine!

It also is a convicting doctrine. If things always went according to our plans, we would begin to assume that we were in control of our lives and what happens to us. I confess that I have wondered before if this isn’t part of small-town cliquishness–if perhaps people are intimidated by unfamiliar things (or people :-) ) because then they feel as if the situation is out of their control. But are we ever in control of the situation, anyways? Isn’t it to remind us that we are under the provident hand of our heavenly Father that God daily sends us all those things we weren’t expecting that day?

Even the unremarkable things, like accidentally dropping a cup on the floor, are little reminders that we are not actually governing ourselves, our actions, and our circumstances as much as it might feel like…and how much more the life-changing events! God is ultimately bringing all things to the grand culmination of His own righteous plan for the redemption of the world under the name of Jesus Christ. This is what is so comforting about understanding that we do not have the ultimate responsibility of being in charge of our own and our family’s lives. The great Maker of the universe, who is alone sufficient for all things, solely possesses that responsibility–and it is in His goodness we rest. Therefore, we are free to make plans and pursue things honoring to His Name, as well as to ungrudgingly alter our purposes when He sends us a change of orders. There is always good for the children of God in every situation through which He brings them–easy to say, sometimes very hard to percieve.


Meantime, I have things yet to do today–“hurry up and wait” doesn’t mean anyone has permission to lazily goof off! :-)