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For someone who has the South in her blood, it feels quite wintery outside today in the Midwest. Temperatures in the upper thirties, snow flurries, leafless tress, muted grass, and a brisk wind made my afternoon’s walk seem like it is January instead of November.

Anyways, the sun was hiding from me behind an overcast sky–though towards the end, it decided to show itself to me in a late afternoon blaze of orange through a gaping golden-rimmed hole in the clouds. I always love it when it does that–it is so beautiful. Before that, a few sunbeams here and there had managed to filter through the clouds far off to the west, towards the skyline of leafless trees. (To see more about the sun and I, click here.)

As for those deciduous trees, only the lilacs are holding onto some of their leaves for a while longer; the small new leaves on my multitude of mints still look beautiful, as do the cabbages and mustards in the garden; the little bunny rabbit that lives out by the garden (with whom I am on speaking terms) is doing just fine; our cardinals have donned their winter colors; a freeze is coming tonight–these are all the signs of winter beginning to arrive. Therefore, very shortly we will be leaving it….

But I digress. It is very pleasant to come in after a blusterly walk and breathe new life into a dying fire in a fireplace. Sometimes more coaxing is required that others–but today it did not take too much effort. The coals were hidden under a layer of ash, but they brought flames to a new piece of wood with only a little paper and patience. One of the best places to sit and rattle away on the keyboard on an overcast, wintery day is by a warm fire, drinking a cup of tea. Since I had no thoughts that were profound enough or poetic enough to post, I thought I would simply share my walk today with you all, before I get up and see about making supper and whatever else I need to do this evening.